Kindred Community Art

Delicate pressed flowers and plants can be turned into wondrous artworks that depict the colorful diversity of the natural world. .

Botanical dye is a dye that is made using part or all of a plant. For example rosemary and lavender produce a dye from their leaves, the madder plant produces a dye from its roots, and the dye from avocados is extracted from their stones and skins. The dyes can be extracted just by soaking the plants in hot water, though sometimes they need the addition of chalk or iron to enhance the colours.

Botanical Collage / Dying  The Work In progress


About Sliabh Beagh

Sliabh Beagh Arts are an independent arts organisation based in the lakeland district. We are a community based group who educate, initiate and promote music, art, sculpture, dance and performance of all kinds.

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