Cellograff Murals

The Cellograff artworks are transitory pieces which we have placed in and around a forest walk in the Knocks Co Fermanagh.

Cellograff Concept

The cellograff concept allows us to create paint ready surfaces out of thin air, stretching cellophane between available supports,in particular the straight pole like formations of trees. the temporary, light and portable nature of the surface material has given us the flexibility to place the artworks in imposing positions throughout the forest 

These pieces were created by artists Marion Noone, Kev Largey and Jonny McKerr. Designed to add artistic merit to an existing walk, the pieces have attracted visitors to the area and are a positive addition to the Sliabh Beagh region. This year we will be completing a new set of works in May. 

Re-use and Recycle

As an organisation we try to reuse and recycle where possible and are acutely aware of the need to eliminate single use plastics. Our cellophane comes from end of roll, pallet wrap, giving a new life to a material which would have ended up in landfill. We will dispose of the material responsibly and no trace of plastic will be left in the forest.

Sliabh Beagh Arts delight in placing artworks into the rural landscape... a perfect way to expose communities to the joys of the arts...permeating everyday life. Our rural initiatives have received such a positive response from everyone and we really appreciate the support we have received for the work we do. Our principal funder is the National Lottery through the Arts Council of N.Ireland with additional support from Fermanagh Trust and FODC.

Cellograff Murals

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Sliabh Beagh Arts are an independent arts organisation based in the lakeland district. We are a community based group who educate, initiate and promote music, art, sculpture, dance and performance of all kinds.

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